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Online identity

To protect your identity always make sure to change your IP Address to a different one using our VPN service. The information above can be seen by anyone else.The danger will be higher in case your device is already infected with any kind of trojans or viruses. Elit hackers can break into your computer by identifying your real IP address which your ISP normally assigned to. Use VPN to change your IP and protect your identity and prevent being an easy target. Be Smart Be Safe.

What is an IP address:

Computers are assigned with an IP address to identify each other while exchanging information and data.The IP address could be dynamic which means it changes every time you restart your device,or it could be static and permanent, this is commonly used by companies and organizations.an IP address is a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers ,separated by three dots. For Example: xx-xx-xx-xx (IPV4).For more information about IP address, Please go visit IP address wiki page.