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Here are some reasons and tips behind the development of VPN.Express

Security Threats and measures

Being secured is one of the ultimate goals people want to reach nowadays as we're leaving in a mad world where anyone can easily take over your life and turns it into a living hell and this is exactly why VPNExpress is the perfect service you can rely on, it will simply do the job for you in a blink of an eye. Personal data and information are always the perfect catch for hackers who will try the impossible to have access to as much informations as possible due to the fact that it is very profitable to them.There are countless spywares and infected softwares that claim to deliver a high level of security and they're usually free of any charges. Let's take a second and think if there is really anything free in our world, the word free usually means "you are about to get scammed". Therefore and before using any of these "Free" services please think carefully how bad it could get if your personal data falls in the wrong hands. That's why instally VPN service is the best decision you could ever make as it will protect your from :

Public Networks ( WI-FI hotspot) : As you may have noticed public Wi-Fi hotsposts are spreaded all over the place from streets, restaurants, public transportations to schools and hospitals. People offering free internet are not really concerned with your security that's why you take full responsibility of keeping yourself safe and secure. Usually these public networks share the same IP address which makes it easy as a pie for any beginner hacker to break into your personal data in a blink of an eye.

ISP’s or Internet Service Providers which provide you with internet access usually spy on their users and control their bandwidth and every single data transfered over their network. The right VPN service always encrypt your data and protects from any attempt of control by your ISP.

There is nothing in the world better than being secured and protected so purchasing a VPN service is defintely a step you will never regret.

Before making our business plan, we thought carefully about every possibility to cover all devices and we have well studied and analyzed all VPN services available in markets. Therefore, we believe our VPN service is different than any other VPN services as they usually work as resellers or use third party services while in the meantime we manage our hardware and servers ourselves. we have invested a lot of time and money in order to develop and add extra features and security protocols besides providing extra and instant support for clients using our service. Quality and security are always one of our top priorities, so if you only accept the best of the best just like us please consider purchasing one of our packages and we guarantee your total satisfaction. We provide 7 days trial for our new clients , we also guarantee you a total refund in case you don't like our service anymore.

Be Free, Be safe

We Make VPN Easy

To install our VPN software, you simply download a small file and run it to your device, the proccess does not take more than 30-40 seconds and our app includes step by step instructions to help you successfully set it up..


Money back guarantee

We're so confident that we offer the best VPN service in the market. If you are disappointed you can claim your money back within 7 days with no questions asked

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