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1 - General

How can i setup my own VPN software ?

To set up our VPN application you can check the setup wizard page. You can simply choose your own device and follow step by step instruction to successfully install our client.

Can I use VPN.Express for P2P or peer to peer applications?

Yes, you can use our VPN service for P2P applications. share and receive files and data using our secured tunnels.

How to avoid DNS leak?

To avoid DNS leak , make sure to empty cookies in your browser . You may use a third party service like CCleaner or similar software to help you clean your history and all cookies you have in your browsers.

When should i use kill switch?

You can use kill switch when you connection drops out, and this has been implemented in our software covering all devices ( Windows, Mac, OS,Android).

How many location do you cover and can choose as a destination target?

We cover more than 50 necessary location worldwide, All servers from those locations guarantees a fast and secure access without any further problem.We may add many other locations according to our clients needs.

Should I open any ports when I use VPN.Express?

There is no need to open any ports while using our service as long as you are not using any software needs an open port that we haven't know about, anyhow you may choose which ports to open by logging to your router.

I lost my login details ,how can I recover them back ?

In case you don t remember the password you have set up the first time when you sign up with us, you can rest it back using the following form. Enter your email and a reset password link will be sent to you.

Do you store user Logs?

We never store, save or sell our clients log, what you do online is under your responsibilities. We guarantee a high protection for our clients.

I have a problem connecting to VPN.Express, How can I fix this issue ?

Make sure to follow our step wizard to avoid any problem connecting to our servers. In case you need manual assistance, you can talk to our technical agent to solve the problem for you with the following details.

  1. The operating system you are using ( example Windows, Linux ,Android, etc )
  2. The server location and security protocol you are trying to connect to.
  3. Any error message you got from your application ( we prefer to include a screen shot )

Address your problem to our technical agent using the following e-mail
We are going to get in touch with you within 2-4 hour after your request.

Can I open restricted urls in my location?

Yes , once you use our VPN service you can open any URL or website globally as far as is working and available to navigate.

I have recently changed my country , can i still access my financial details and other services ?

If you are a tourist or doing business moving to another location, you can use our VPN service and check all your financial details including your bank accounts, your email , or any other services like if you never change your place. Open our VPN application and choose your original country and city and we are going to take care of the rest. Our secure tunnels and protocols will guarantee a high secure data transfer and speed you need.

Can I open streaming networks which are not available in my location?

if you have an account with any popular video streaming service like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Itunes or similar service, you can select any IP address with which those services works normally and is going to be work without any problem.

Some VoIP applications are recently blocked and no longer working ?

Never mind if any of your VoIP applications don t work anymore , this happen when your ISP blocks or limited them, Choosing a different IP address is the best solution to unblock your VoIP application and enjoy free internet calls.

What are the benefits using service ?

VPN nowadays is the best solution to protect your data and secure your device. let you :

  1. encrypt your data transfer using very secure tunnels
  2. connect to more that 50 locations worldwide
  3. make free internet calls via VOip applications
  4. open restricted websites in your location
  5. stream your favorite TV networks
  6. avoid ISP bandwidth limitation
  7. Hide behind different IP's
  8. high-speed connection
  9. Free 7 days out of charge to test our service
  10. 24/7 days dedicated support and assistance
  11. Cover and secure all your devices at once with our smart client.

There are many additional benefits why considering using in your device which we haven t listed.

Why some servers I connect to are faster than others ?

You can order a dedicated IP address ( dynamic or static ) for any location or destination with additional fees.We can work custom plans for normal users, companies or organization.Get in touch with us with your requirement using the contact e-mail

You can order a dedicated IP address for any chosen location with additional price, This is always possible by contacting us with your destination area's or specific cities.

2 - Reward Program

Can I promote your Service and get my the commission for that ?

yes , you can join our reward program and start promoting our service.We pay the best commissions in the market beside including many tools to help you out extend your earnings. Visit our webmaster page for more details.

I want to promote your service and get extra cash, but i need help in your side?

Don t worry, as long as you plan to refer new members to us, we have a promotional tools to help you with including nice banners and eye catching landing pages, any time you can talk to our affiliate manager in case you need any further details.

I have a website and i can make a nice review about your service, any bonus for me?

Yes if you have a good web site, and you are ready to write a good review about us, we are are going to reward you with one year membership, make sure to contact us before making any review to clarify if your site is good to make such review or not.

What is the minimum payout before making a payment request?

You can make a payment request as soon as you reach the minimum payout of 50$ .

What payment methods do you support ? is worldwide service so far we have implemented different payment methods to pay affiliates including Paypal, Payza, Wire, Alipress, Bitcoin. we may add any other payment methods according to affiliates need. Consider visiting our affiliate page for more details and questions you may need about our rewarding program.

3 - Billing & sales questions

Do you offer any trial to test your service performance before going to make a final purchase?

Yes, we have included a 7 days trial to test our VPN service and try connect to our security protocols.

Do you accept Bitcoin currency as a payment Method ?

Yes you can use Bitcoin currency to pay for our service without any problem.

What are other payment methods do you accept ?

We accept all kinds of international cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, Discovery , American Express, beside PayPal and Bitcoin Currency.

4 - Setup questions

Do VPN.Express support SmartTV or Apple TV ?

SmartTV and Apple TV does not support built-in VPN.The only way to cover them is by configuring your router with our VPN, that way your smart TV will have connexion from your router which is already configured.

I never use or set up VPN before,is there any guide for new users like me to follow ?

We have a friendly guide for new users who never set up a VPN, you can click on Guide page for further details and information.

What is IP and how it related to my own security ?

Let’s consider IP-address as your home address,its gives an exact direction and information to other people about you including street name, area, zip code,city, country.This is exactly what a single IP address can reveal about you.every computer is assigned with an IP address with which other computers can communicate together. Changing your own real IP address which your ISP provides you will not cause any problem, in other hand let you benefit from other online services which are not available in your location. Furthermore, you get more secure measures for your data transfers you made surfing the web or using any connected applications.This makes it hard for unauthorized parties to track or spy on you.

5 - Technical information

I heard about Tor no idea about it ?

Tor is a secure web browser developed to access the deep web sites. It provides more security levels than normal browser like chrome , firefox, and many other browsers.Using Tor security options alone to download or upload any kind of data without using VPN service is somehow risky.

What encryption do you use to secure the connection?

For L2TP/IPSec it is AES-256. For OpenVPN – 2048 bit SSL encryption. PPTP uses MPPE-128 encryption.

How does a VPN.Express Works ?

VPN.Express works encrypt your internet access and tunneled it with new IP address which is differ from the one your IPS assigned to you .Your ISP can only see encrypted data between you and our VPN servers without any idea about the data itself.

I have other questions ?

If you have any other questions we haven't listed her, you can contact address us your problem using the contact us form.


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