OpenVPN on IOS


1. Open you browser and login to your VPN.Express profile

2. Send Email with subject Request Config Files. to ""  and country needed , By doing that you will receive an e-mail with attached latest .ovpn configuration files to the e-mail address that you have registered at VPN.Express.If your VPN.Express account e-mail is not the same as your iOS Mail App e-mail, forward the received e-mail to the e-mail address that is associated with your iOS Mail App.


3. Go to the App store with your iPad/iPhone.

4. Tap on Search.

5. Enter VPNExpress connect in the search bar.

6. Tap on Free button.

7. Tap on Install.

8. Sign in to iTunes store with your account and tap OK.

9. Once it has finished installing, go to your Mail app.

10. Tap on one of the attached configuration files that has been sent to you.

11. Select Open in OpenVPN.

12. Tap on the green plus button. NOTE: To add more servers you need to perform steps 10-12 with other configuration files as well.


13. Enter your VPNExpress credentials and mark the password to be saved in keychain.

14. Tap on the button to connect to VPN.

15. You have successfully connected.

16. To change a server tap on the External certificate profile.

17. Select a server from the list by tapping on it.

18. To disconnect tap on the same button as to connect.