Online Security

Here are some reasons why you should consider using VPN


set up as many devices and computers as you want. Our apps are developed to work in all devices without any problem, Never worry what technology you are using ,we are always up to date.

Simple & Easy configuration

Follow our user guide to configure any of our apps in your device, the process will take less than 35 seconds.Start surffing the internet freely and uncondtionaly, as VPNExpress let you discover and unblock any website.

Upload & Download with no limits

Our VPN service will never slow down your internet speed, you can download or upload your photos, videos and files in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, never let your ISP reduces your internet bandwidth. make all your data encrypted and secures.

self managed hardwares,

We are not a third party VPN offering other providers service , we manage our own hardware and we offer extra services to ou customers including dedicated IP address from any location worldwide.